What Is Recovery Marriage Encounter

The Format:

Recovery Marriage Encounter is divided into three inter-related parts - Presentation of Talk, Personal Reflection (PR), and Couple Dialogue (CD).

Part 1 “Presentation of Talk.” The couples that present at the Introduction Seminar and on a monthly basis will attempt to share with you as openly and honestly as possible, their own struggles in their marriages; the joys, the sorrows, the good times and the bad, the frustrations and the satisfactions. During these presentations you may take notes that may help you. We do ask you hold in confidence the content of the talks.

Part 2 “Personal Reflection.” Personal Reflection time is spent alone and out of the presence of your spouse. It is time for you to reflect and write on the questions given out for that talk. By answering the questions honestly, you will begin to discover your feelings, something many of us have a hard time doing. You will hear talk of taking risks and trusting. You owe it to yourself, as well as to your partner, to take the risk and be honest during your personal reflection. Don’t write what you think your spouse wants to hear, write what you actually feel. Trust your spouse to accept your honesty and give it in return. (More info available on "What Are Feelings?" page)

Part 3 “Couple Dialogue.” This is the actual Encounter; the discovery of each other through communication and sharing of self. To begin Couple Dialogue, each couple will meet privately in an agreed upon location. After meeting in your spot, exchange notebooks and read what your spouse has written. Read it twice, once for the head, and once for the heart. Remember that this sharing of self is an act of love, and shouldn’t be judged in any way. After you have read your spouse’s dialogue, read it back to him or her in your own words to make sure you understood what they have written. You may need to ask questions about their sharing and that’s okay. If words are misspelled, IGNORE it. If they didn’t write as much or as deeply as you would have hoped, that’s okay. This is difficult, and it takes practice, but if you cut each other some slack, it will get better as you go on.

These three components make up the unique RME experience. Many couples using this format report an improvement in their communication skills with each other. We encourage you to explore this option and format to strengthen your relationship. Join us!